Situated between Uptown and Queens Park, straddling the Burnaby border, lies Glenbrooke North. As you may have guessed, the community draws its name from a local waterway. Glen Brook is no longer visible above ground, but has recently become a hot topic; old timers will tell you in days gone by it was an active creek and swimming hole. The home of one of just two New West middle schools, the school built over the alleged former swimming hole site has appropriately taken its name as Glenbrook Middle – without the “e”. The community is punctuated by the crossroads of commuter traffic, with Glenbrooke north conveniently located at the main entry point to the Pattullo bridge exchange. This area has always been a desirable to place to live as the history and charm of Queens Park spills over and spreads in to Glenbrook. Here you’ll find prestigious old homes, big and small, as well as new builds, a local shopping plaza, and a select few carefully situated condo and strata homes.