About Elise

Elise’s greatest asset is her ability to quickly build trust with new clients and foster collaborative partnerships with colleagues. Her clients appreciate her meticulous attention to detail, personable approach, and endearing charisma—a rare combination that allows her to break down the real estate purchase and sales process, making it simple and stress-free.

Elise has earned a reputation for working relentlessly for her buyers and sellers. Over her long and established career, integrity and a strong work ethic have been the keys to her success. Her industry peers describe her as driven, ambitious, organized, a bit of a perfectionist, and a pleasure to work with. Her client partners describe her as knowledgeable, attentive, fast-paced, results-oriented, and always willing to put the power of humour to good use.

At client interviews, people are often unprepared for how unscripted Elise is. She isn’t just another sales person with a neatly prepared and memorized presentation; she brings curiosity and enthusiasm to the table, and forms an authentic connection with her clients. Her goal is to help them uncover their true motivation, so she understands their needs and objectives, and can provide the best possible service.

“Most people expect high level sales people to be rehearsed, and it’s surprising to people that I am not that at all. If you’re looking for someone to push you into writing a contract by using clever analogies, that is not me. If people want to work with me and I want to work with them, that’s great! We have a relationship and can go from there. The rest comes naturally when you begin with honesty and trust. “

Elise has worked as a real estate sales and purchasing consultant (REALTOR®) for over 15 years. She has held her residential sector trading license with the Real Estate Council of British Columbia since 2002, and is an active member of The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, Canadian Real Estate Association, Real estate Errors and Omissions Assurance, and the Real Estate Standards Association.

Based in New Westminster, Elise fell in love with “New West” since her move in 2005. She grew up on Vancouver Island and has lived in Vancouver, Burnaby, the Tri-Cities, and Surrey. Her business continues to grow through referrals; she proudly serves New Westminster and all neighbouring communities in the Lower Mainland.

At home Elise is the caring mother of three young children, a devoted and equalist wife, nurturing gardener, hobbyist runner, and fanatical camera phone photographer.